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The hustle and bustle of the airport just hit my mind confused when I got off the plane. My tired eyes explore the area in search of the luggage receptacle area. On the right I saw a man holding a sign with my name on it. I have curiosity about it, because nobody was there to meet here. 'Hello. 'm Christy,' For me, it seems as if there was a limousine driver who could stand up on the bear. ' Good evening, ma'am. I hope you had a good flight. Please follow me. I will hear the case if you feel comfortable. ' He calls us to follow me and my tired mind too confused to do obey anything but. The night air is still spankwire warm when we left the terminal to the line of taxis, limousines and cars approach. The man opens the back door of a long black limousine. shoot my eyebrows and a million questions come to his lips and freeze it when I 'm waiting for you inside of me. A smile lights up my face when I confused you spankwire with the pictures and the door behind me. '.... What ' I'm starting to have just meor put a finger on my lips. ' No questions, sit back and enjoy. ' With that you take a glass in hand striatum and get one for himself. 'for the beautiful weekend ahead of us ' that his tinkling of glass in front of me and the two soft drink. Go to store glass and achieve a long-stem rose, found on the seat between us. glide spankwire to touch the thighs sexy smiles. I can empty the glass of its contents nervous to know immediately that was a mistake, because I have not eaten anything since morning. The floats around out of focus is blurred everything. Smiling, I took the flower to take spankwire my nose and smell, I closed my eyes, like the smell of my nose. He walked slowly on my lips to caress my face. The pink satin feels cool and welcome against my warm skin. The heat is the way to take on my cheek and neck, carefully separating my shirt brush strokes the tips of my breasts. My eyes flutter open, if I feel the fresh airThe skin spankwire on my stomach. You just button the top button of my shirt exposing their views. Your eyes smile in me, when drop support my upper body before. Once again, the soft pink petals on me that goes from the neck down between my breasts to my stomach before making final on my nipples harden in narrow peaks. A sigh escapes me, if your mouth replaces the sweetness of the flowers. The warmth of the language makes a lustful moan. I thread my fingers in his hair has against me. his hot mouth sucking my nipples, causes heat pack depths of my being. To climb my moans of pleasure to run his hands on my spankwire thighs under my skirt and panties and wet cupping my mound. I lift my hips as I take off my panties for me. Let your fingers are only slightly damp trace the folds of my desire, when the door opens into the living room into a dark -haired man, sliding and taking the seat in front of us. I N in the respiratoryThe surprise and try to cover my own, but instead complain of pinching the mouth on me again in a deep passionate kiss, cupping my breast and nipple slightly different picture of me. I forget, our community, and I miss the warm to the touch. his mouth out of my mouth to suck rather than pinching in the neck to my chest pain and licking my stomach into spankwire my dripping pussy lips. My head rolls. I put my hand on her head so I do not like my other, they begin to caress my breasts. cry of joy when you pull my clit deep in my mouth, sucking gently at first and then with more determination. A hand touches his way up my spankwire thigh then I 'm slipping a finger inside me. The passage is so wet that it slides easily. I regret against your bow hand and pinching my nipples while sucking my swollen clit. My eyes flutter open and meet other people. She's gone to sit in the seat next to us, it a better view of the mouthhow it works on me. Smile while you watch. He has my eyes, as it slides into the seat beside me. I'm starting to try to squirm out of the mouth, in the fight against spankwire the waves of pleasure washed over me. My mind is not working in the situation I am so overwhelmed with feeling, to think clearly. He clings to me suck harder and slipping another finger to bring me a little cry of my mouth. I mean eyes closed and I forget the presence of man, until I pulled my hand from her place in my chest and then his mouth was on me, feel the suction and biting. The mouth feel of a throbbing in my pussy now and suck my breasts is incredible. At this point, I'm from the alienation of the people as to be insensitive and I am not being able to have a stranger to me, but all naked, and not just brought into the limousine from the airport side of shame to think . All spankwire I could do was enjoy the overwhelming emotions through my body. 's mouth comes out of my chest and Devthere to give me a kiss on my deep to get out of my pussy to suck my breasts, spankwire his mouth is replaced, which allowed me to test my sweetness, as slide your tongue over my lips. I feel like to slide his fingers inside me, one, then two and out deeply. Then with a finger slides and rubs tight crease of my ass, spankwire sliding over it, testing my spankwire reaction. I regret into his mouth and bow to the search of a finger and slowly slides to come. Cries soft fall from my lips, which are obtained from you. I open my eyes and look at the limo driver in the rearview mirror. I can not believe in shame. I smile and close my eyes burn again enjoy the wonderful feelings with me. A second finger joins the first thing that allows me to relax my tight ass, before slipping in and out. If I do not think I can hold back and you are the finger away from me. Hope to see you, pull your pants and sit beside me again. I mChange straddling him in the seat of his penis touch that I feel. Holding hands spankwire on my waist down until it is deep inside my pussy. moan and put my hands on his shoulders tightly. I felt the movement behind me then the feeling of control over my back, your cock against the entrance of my ass. They keep the hips while caresses my breasts licking nipples first and then the other. You slowly slide the big head of his cock in me and allowed me to relax and open to slide to the bottom. The groans were echoed by all of us in the spankwire small room. I had two wonderful cocks filled me for the first time in my life! can move me so completely filled in and delivered out of me. I 'd like to take back, carrying it in my pussy then ass. It took very little time, until I felt the heat of oppression in the womb of my climax signaling pending. ' I'm going to run,' I complain loudly. Both can increase the speed to push hard and fast on me. I only cry asBoth radiate strong growl of his neck and spray hot cum inside me. I am one of those two over and over again with the greatest orgasm of my life pulse. All collapsed against each other. away from me and lean back. Pulling me with you. The man smiled and extended his clothes, and then exits the limo. Help me with comfort in the rear seat and pull me into your arms. 'I hope this was at least close to spankwire his imagination, spankwire honey, ' you say. ' Better than I had dared hope,' he whispered in the chest. I never thought I would live the fantasy of two men. It's an experience I will never forget.
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